Many homeowners associations maintain a set of covenants [or rules] and restrictions for each home owner or tenant to follow. These rules are in place to protect the value and appearance of your home and neighborhood. Please review your neighborhood specific covenants to ensure you are in compliance, as the rules are enforceable by the association. While covenants may differ amongst neighborhoods, some of the most common violations are listed below.

  1. Improperly placed trash cans: This is perhaps the most common and preventable violation. Many neighborhoods require trash cans to be placed out of view from the street. Bring your trash can into the garage or behind the home on trash collection day. Leaving the trash can out in plain sight may result in a letter or fine.
  2. Lawn maintenance: Most neighborhoods require lawns to be neatly trimmed and weeded. To prevent violations, make sure your grass is trimmed and remove weeds from your lawn and plant beds – even in cooler months.
  3. Improperly parked vehicles: Many neighborhoods have strict rules regarding on-street, boat, or recreational vehicle parking. Before you park on the street or park a boat in your driveway, check your neighborhood covenants to ensure you are not in violation.
  4. Mailbox maintenance: Some neighborhoods require standard, uniform mailbox presentation, including paint maintenance. Review your covenants before you allow your mailbox paint to become chipped or dingy. A fresh coat of paint or trimming the grass around your mailbox may be all it takes to prevent a violation.

Our staff routinely drives through our communities to ensure the covenants are followed. If found in violation, you will receive a letter in the mail. Take pride in your home and neighborhood and follow your simple covenants; your home may be the first impression for a potential buyer, and the rules ensure properties are properly maintained.